Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Norval Morrisseau Remembered
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Dec. 5, 2007

Canada has lost an internationally renowned master artist who captivated the world with his unique paintings of dreams and visions emerging from his rich Ojibway heritage.

Norval Henry Morrisseau, Shaman Artist, passed away yesterday, continuing his spirit journey while leaving the world enriched by his artistic legacy defined by bold striking colour that will echo for generations to come. Countless Native artists have been influenced by Mr. Morrisseau's unique and innovative style, known internationally as the Woodland or Anishnabe School of Art.

Less than a month ago, Mr. Morrisseau was honoured in Ottawa by the House of Commons upon the announcement of his selection as the recipient of the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honour bestowed on Aboriginal people in Canada by the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation. He was accompanied by his longtime and beloved friend Gabor Vadas.

Roberta Jamieson, President of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, offered deep condolences to Mr. Morrisseau's family, friends, and community. "In establishing a new and profound style of art as his gift to Canada and the world, Norval broke new ground and old barriers, really becoming the first Native artist to be accepted and recognized in Canada" Ms. Jamieson said.

Norval Morrisseau's Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented by the Foundation posthumously as part of a moving honouring ceremony on March 7th, 2008 at the Sony Centre in Toronto, the venue of the 15th annual gala event.

"We at the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation feel blessed and honoured to have had the opportunity to witness the standing tribute of the House of Commons for Norval's enduring legacy" Ms. Jamieson said. "This esteemed recognition was timely and personal".

Norval Morrisseau now continues his journey to the spiritual world he so vividly expressed in his work. In his own words, "I go to the inner places, I go to the source, I go to the house of invention".

National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation
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