Morrisseau Articles in the Media
Morrisseau Articles archived from the media.
VAL ROSS From Wednesday's Globe and Mail (February 9th, 2007) They're back. It's another invasion of the fake Norval Morrisseaus.  For years, canvases allegedly done by the great Oj...
Morrisseau art splashes galleryCollection of Norval Morrisseau work on display and for sale at Gallery on the Lake BUCKHORN - Surrounded by the works of his father - Canadian icon Norval Morr...
Relatives quarrel over Ojibwa artist's remains  TORONTO - Norval Morrisseau was controversial as an artist, husband, father and friend during his 76-year lifespan, and he's proving to be...
Morrisseau experts hunt for up to 10,000 pieces Museums, galleries were the easy part: now on to basements and garages  Paul GessellThe Ottawa CitizenTuesday, January 02, 2007 CREDIT: Th...
Artist with Parkinson's rails against fakers who'd steal his life's work Canada's greatest artist has rolled into town. He is house-hunting. He is here to kick some ass. Don't let the wheelch...

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